A Handy Guide on How to Soundproof a House For a Party

I’m a self-proclaimed party animal, always have been, always will be. Frat parties, block parties, and house parties — you name it and I’m there! But having recently moved to this quaint suburb in Northern California presented me with a quandary.

After all these years of living in an apartment, I was finally able to purchase a new house for me and my wife to finally start a family in. But first things first, a housewarming party is in order. However, my real estate agent specifically warned me about creating too much noise, as the community was pretty rigid about noise regulation.

So I’m like, “what good is a party if we’re going to be all silent and s**t? Where’s the fun in holding back? It’s supposed to be a celebration, not a damn funeral!”

In spite of my belligerence, I, for one, would never want to anger my own neighbors enough for them to consider calling the authorities. But safe to say, I was bummed until a call from a friend of mine who also happened to be a sound engineer gave me new life. He told me that we could still have a fun party provided I soundproof the house. I replied, “do you have any idea how to soundproof a house for a party?”

Fortunately, he did and he shared with me some ways to ensure that the party has:

  • Good acoustics – boosting the sound quality of music and conversation
  • Effective soundproofing – to block and absorb some of the noise before it can disturb neighboring residents

So today, I come to you with several simple soundproofing solutions for house and apartment parties, that I learned from my friend. Soundproofing can be really costly and without deep pockets, it would be fairly difficult to completely soundproof your home, It takes a lot of time and expertise to get it 100% right, but this article will help you considerably reduce the noise coming out.

But, before we get to those, here are some easier ways to avoid having to deal with angry neighbors or worse, the police.

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Table of Contents

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  1. How to Prevent Noise Complaints
  2. How to Improve the Acoustics of Your Party
  3. How to Soundproof a House for a Party
  4. The Bottom Line

How to Prevent Noise Complaints

1) Give Advance Notice to Your Neighbors About the Party

After finalizing the details of your party, pay your neighbors a visit or give them a call to give them a heads up. Give them a day or two to prepare, or if need be, find somewhere else to be during the time of your party if they really don’t want to be exposed to the noise. Have a start and end time that you can present to your neighbors. That way, they’ll know that you aren’t planning on having an all-nighter that could possibly leave them sleepless.

Another important thing is to make sure you enforce the timeline that you gave to your neighbors. Word is bond, my friend so if you mentioned to your neighbors that the party will conclude at this specific hour, you have to let your guests know about it so that they won’t be as bummed when you shut the party down.

If you want to polite about it, you can also invite those very same neighbors over but you’ll want to be very careful about this tact. After all, the little old lady down the street might not be able to tolerate all the noise and alcohol (but you never know, she might also school you in the art of beer pong!).

2) Keep the Volume at a Reasonable Level

This might not be the most fun suggestion but it will certainly keep the neighbors from calling the cops on you. So suck it up and compromise a little, it will keep you from incurring your neighbor’s wrath.

As a matter of fact, it’s best to even check in with local law enforcement with regards to your local curfew and noise laws. Once you pass a certain hour, the police department may send someone out to break up the fun.

Better yet, if you want to keep the cops from paying you a visit, you may want to consider proactively calling them. Tell them that you’re having a little gathering and if your neighbors call them, that you’d be glad to keep it down. In turn, the officer on the other end of the line will inform you about your local noise laws. It’s a win-win situation: the cops won’t need to waste resources coming over, and you’ll be able to have fun and peace of mind.

3) Hold the Party in Your Basement

If you have one, then I suggest taking the party there. Why? It’s because there’s no better soundproofing than the earth. It should absorb some of the noise and, since most apartments are far above the basement, you won’t hassle the neighbors.

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How to Improve the Acoustics of Your Party

Let’s see how household items can come in handy in augmenting acoustics of the space you are using for your party. Read on below to find out what these are!

Supreme Mover

1) Place Soft Materials All over the Room

This recommendation is not only pretty effective but would also cost you next to nothing. Just take all of the blankets, pillows, and carpets you have and just distribute them all around the space you have allocated for your gathering.

Essentially, if you want to soundproof your home for a party without incurring much cost, you should try to pick up some thick and dense blankets like these. You can hang them on your walls and throw them over every possible surface. So basically, you should:

  • Place some pillows on the sofa and get larger ones for people to sit on. Arrange those in the corners of the room on the floor to make a pleasant, casual atmosphere.
  • Place blankets over hard surfaces, huge furniture, and hang them up on walls.
  • Place carpets to soften the sound of footsteps.

Moving Blankets

2) Make Use of Soundproof Blankets and Curtains

As mentioned above, you can use dense blankets to help muffle the noise emanating from your party. However, you’re not limited to your usual blankets around your house. You can also use moving blankets, or those that are specifically designed to block sound out. These are thicker, denser, and heavier than regular blankets. These products can be used to cover pretty much anything, even walls.

But, if you are keen on hitting two birds with one stone; that is to both soundproof and make your living space pleasant to look at, you should seriously consider getting soundproof curtains like this. They’re an awesome choice for covering up windows, doors, and walls. Just like with soundproof blankets, soundproof curtains are thicker and heavier than the usual ones. So, they’ll be a great help with boosting the acoustics of a room and even preventing sound from escaping through the windows.

Foamily Foam Eggl

3) Install Acoustic Foam Products

Acoustic foam products like this are an ideal choice if you want to supplement the mass of your walls. Mainly, they keep sound from hitting your walls or ceilings and instead, absorb it. The best part is that foam products can even raise the overall aesthetics of your place since you can choose from many colors and textures. In addition, they’re extremely easy to set up, and can even be removed when necessary.

Bass Trap

4) Install Bass Traps

Bass traps like this one is a unique type of acoustic foam product that’s designed to absorb the lower bass frequencies. As a matter of fact, they’re one of the best sound absorbing materials for improving acoustics. You don’t even need to glue them to your walls; you can just place them in the corners of the room.

How to Soundproof a House for a Party

Soundproof House for a Party

As crucial as good acoustics are to hosting a great party, one where the music sounds awesome without compromising the ability of guests to converse and banter, you also need to block out as much of the sound from leaving your home as possible.

Soundproof blankets, curtains, and acoustic foam products can all greatly help block noise from getting to your neighbors and irritating them. But here are a few more hassle-free ways to soundproof your house or apartment:

1) Reposition the Furniture

A fine way to add more mass to your walls is to rearrange the furniture. This recommendation is actually the first, and arguably the most inexpensive thing you’ll want to consider trying when soundproofing your walls.

If you’re having a party, you’ll also want to give your guests more space to move around in, so just push your closets and bookshelves to the walls. If you’re having the party in an apartment, you’ll want to place them against the walls you share with your neighbors. You can also move sofas and chairs to the other side of the room, keeping the middle area free for people to socialize in.


2) Lay Down Floor Padding

If you live in an apartment and someone is residing in the area beneath you, you’ll want to make sure your floors are appropriately soundproofed. Aside from covering the surface with thick soft carpets, you may also want to think about placing rubber mats or even MLV under them.

I had the opportunity to try out memory foam carpets once. Walking on them was not only extremely comfortable but also very quiet because they absorb footsteps. But a downside to it is that you wouldn’t want people spilling drinks on memory foam carpet.

So you can either try to purchase a waterproof memory foam or you can buy a thin memory foam pad to place under the carpet that you currently have.


3) Soundproof Doors and Windows

If you’re trying to prevent sound from seeping out of your party, you’ll want to pay keen attention to the doors and windows. Because if you still did not know, that’s where most of the air gaps let sound pass. So you’ll really want to plug them.

If you reside in an apartment building, you’ll want to soundproof your door very well. First of all, make sure that there are no clear gaps in the door frame by plugging them with acoustic calk. If the door is letting sound seep through, you can use soundproof blankets or curtains. As a matter of fact, if you can, you should set up a curtain holder above your door and place soundproof materials there.

Don’t worry though as you’ll still be able to slide them away to let people in. And even after the party, having a curtain over your door will give your place a nice attractive touch. Also, you can just do your best to plug the door gaps with towels — which you can bunch under the door — draft stoppers, and door sweeps. You’ll be able to find those fairly easily at respectable home improvement stores.

When it comes to soundproofing your windows, other than covering them with soundproof curtains, you could also think about installing window plugs. These are essentially just boards that have handles on one side, and foam and other soundproof materials on the other. They are rather easy and best of all, not that costly, to make.

Since your party will most probably be staged when the sun goes down, you won’t mind that the window plug will also completely block outside light. As long as you’ve got AC, you are all set. And since window plugs aren’t the prettiest things to look at, you can also use curtains over them.

The Bottom Line

So that’s it! Upon getting to this point of the article, you and your party should be good to go! But as a recap, here’s the best order you can apply all of my recommendations in:

  • Reorganize the furniture first – push bookshelves and closets to shared walls, clear out the middle of the room
  • If the walls are still bare, you can place soundproof blankets, acoustic foam, and fabric panels
    Scatter soft materials – blankets and pillows (you can arrange sitting pillows in the corners of the room)
  • Consider adding bass traps if the corners of the room are empty
  • Make sure the floor is padded – thick carpets, rubber mats, MLV, memory foam
  • Check the doors and windows – close any gaps, cover with soundproof curtains or window plugs

And of course, you should inform your neighbors before you hold any parties especially those that might make more sound than usual. And make sure to watch that volume dial; the worst thing for you and your guests is the sight of flashing police car lights outside! Once you’ve taken care of everything, the only thing left to do is to get ready to have some good old fun!

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